Scott Larsen, Outside Sales/Production Manager

Scott Larsen, Outside Salesman, plus job scheduler and employee productivity facilitator, has been with Lilienthal Insulation since 1994. Scott is one of those guys that everyone likes, from the customer to the installer, he gets along with everyone. He is at the office at 6:00 every morning, filling out the work schedule, helping the guys load their trucks, and getting them off to their jobs. Then he is either out in the field meeting customers and giving estimates, or he is checking on ongoing jobs, or he is back at the office fielding phone calls and inquiries. As you can see, in his spare time, Scott enjoys hunting trophy whitetails. The one pictured is a record book buck, scoring 175 5/8th Boone and Crockett points. Give him a call for an insulation estimate, or some hunting pointers.