Video: Stop Drafts with a Homemade Door Sweep

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This video from Fine Homebuilding explains how to make a homemade door sweet to stop drafts in your home, create a more comfortable indoor environment and save some money on your energy bills this winter.


Have you seen this?


You must see this site:

Have you seen this?


You must see this site:

Homemade Door Sweep

Before the installation of any home doors and windows, we should first check the features and qualities of the door and window. In modern designs, we have found multiple new features adding in our home doors and from this video footage we came to know about door sweep. Thanks for such a wonderful overview.

Great post

This looks so easy and not costly at all, if this can make my electricity bills reduce, I will definitely going to try it out. All I need is to get the stuff to do the same. Thank you for sharing the video tutorial with us and keep posting such useful posts.

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i have been touring your website online one of these long term in the past and reading all the article of your blogs. It become incredible cool submit and i have by no means been visible by no means in my existence. terrific paintings and maintain it up thanks.

Nice! This is a great blog!

Nice! This is a great blog! Thanks for sharing this one.

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